Episode 5 Recap

Even if you’re not an art lover this was one gallery visit not to be missed! But first, Lisa’s swansong – or swanLIES as Victoria sees it. Did a morbidly obese man on an inflatable swan rescue Lisa from drowning last week? We may never know but this week she was drowning in Housewife hate…Read more

Episode 5 Blog by AthenaX Levendi

The Whitsunday’s girls trip was a real eye opener for me. I had no idea that Lisa was struggling to that extent in her marriage to David. My heart went out to her… Seeing a friend struggle with something so personal really helped me put my problems with Melissa into perspective. Melissa (who had chosen…Read more

Episode 5 Blog by Krissy Marsh

Reflecting upon episode five I have to say I do feel quite emotional and generally perplexed about how fragile some of our relationships have become…how did we get here, with some of these women now barking the most obscene things at each other? I, like many of the other women, was hoping the Whitsundays time…Read more

Episode 4 Recap

All aboard the good ship Hostile Housewives, as episode four saw the girls head off for a sail around the Whitsundays (sorry Queensland). “It’s going to be fun!” Nicole said, a little optimistically. Up to this point the hot-headed Housewives haven’t been able to spend an afternoon together without insults and capes flying. Nicole was…Read more

Episode 4 Blog by Nicole O’Neil

In Episode 4 Victoria has kindly organised a trip for the girls to go to The Whitsundays, situated on the beautiful and picturesque tropical coast of Queensland. The episode starts with me packing with my girls, which is a fun ritual that we enjoy together. I am the first to admit that I’m not the lightest…Read more