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Season 2: The Reunion Recap

In the lead up to their highly anticipated return, our home-grown Housewives of Melbourne are gearing up for a whole lot more glitz, glamour and gossip in 2016. But while we wait with baited breath for what Season 3 brings, why not revisit where we left our ladies at the end of Season 2…

After the drama that was Pettifleur’s birthday, the Housewives sat down for a two-part Reunion Special, an opportunity to sift through the drama and understand how and why things had got to that point. And boy did they have a hell of a lot to get through!

After addressing the fact that all the girls had in fact been uninvited to Gina’s book launch after the wrap of Season 2, discussion quickly turned to one of the newest members of the group, Gamble. The girls took on their best Gamble impersonation, only to find out the real truth about her speech impediment.


In fact Gamble continued to be a cause of much debate throughout, the ladies then proceeding to fire up about her relationship with Gina.


Girl crush or just straight up brown-nosing, the Housewives questioned the validity of this friendship. And yet the fiery pair appeared unbreakable. And while you’d think that the “new kids stick together” moto would have applied with Gamble and fellow new Housewife-on-the-block Pettifleur, this couldn’t have appeared further from the truth!

Old wounds were opened for Gina and Jackie, with Season 1 tensions resurfacing and insults flying.


And yet come Reunion time this love/hate relationship was not only acknowledged by both ladies, but laughed about! The “frenemies” tiffed over the infamous bogan comments, however this was quickly forgotten when attentions turned back to Pettifleur. Far from any shrinking violet the pocket rocket was appalled by the group questioning her honesty, storming out in spectacular fashion over a situation that occurred on the Housewives’ publicity tour.


And yet perhaps the biggest question asked of the season was asked by the often non-controversial Chyka, posing “If the gossip’s about you, do you want to know about it?”


And so sparked Janet versus Gamble, where questions over the new Housewife’s past waged a war that would continue for the entirety of the season.


Digs were made at fashionista Lydia when it was revealed that she too knew the truth and could have supported Janet through rumougate. And what would a Housewives season be without Jackie’s psychic abilities being attacked by the sceptics?

So, how could our leading ladies of Melbourne have anything left to rival the heat of Season 2? Just you wait…


The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 on Arena in 2016.