Manzo’d with Children

The Manzos are back for another season!

It’s a season of change for this Garden State clan as each member takes a step towards independence, leaving Caroline to find out if she has succeeded in her beloved role as the Manzo Matriach. As Lauren prepares to wed fiancé Vito, Caroline and Al cope with the feeling of losing their only daughter and wonder if she is ready to face a new life without daddy’s credit cards. Meanwhile, Albie and Chris have decided it’s time to break free from their inseparable past as they each set out to pursue their own professional and personal dreams. Chris decides to make his lifelong passion of becoming a children’s book author a reality and moves out of the house and back to Hoboken for some creative space, leaving his older brother to fend for himself. Nevertheless, Albie is hoping to hit the “jackpot” with his latest entrepreneurial endeavour, exploring Colorado’s cannabis business. Caroline wants nothing more than for her boys to be happy, but their choices of legal marijuana and children’s books leave her feeling extremely uneasy.

With the nuptials fast approaching, the Manzos also spend more time getting further acquainted with their soon-to-be in-laws, the Scalias; a family just as sharp-tongued, but even more traditional in their Italian ways than the Manzos. These two families go on a joint vacation to the Amalfi Coast just weeks before the big day, but their relationship may be more olive oil and water than spaghetti and meatballs. With everyone moving in different directions, the Manzos might not always see eye-to-eye, but they remain thick as thieves.

Manzo’d With Children S2 starts Thursday October 1st, 10pm EST on Arena