Married to Medicine

In season four of “Married to Medicine,” Miss Quad has added “Auntie” to her title when her brother, his girlfriend and their new baby crash at her house for an extra-extended stay.

Lisa Nicole thinks it’s time for another baby with Darren and although there is an uproar surrounding her uterus, the ladies really want to know if Lisa’s motive for a baby is to save her marriage.

Dr. Jackie has her mind set on her ever-growing career and philanthropy goals, but is that enough for her husband Curtis who is more interested in their early retirement? While Toya is ready to celebrate her 40th birthday in style, she is also in over her head with some unexpected debts and the opening of a new vitamin infusion spa.

Dr. Heavenly is on a mission to revamp her attitude and change the ladies’ perception of her, but her efforts go unnoticed when she ruffles a few feathers. Meanwhile, Dr. Simone is finally ready to face her father but when she finds out he is missing, it kicks her determination to reunite with him into high gear.

Season 4
Date & time
7: Is There Life After Prom?
7: Is There Life After Prom?
Sat 5 August·2:45am
6: It's My Prom And I'll Throw Down If I Want To!
6: It's My Prom And I'll Throw Down If I Want To!
Sat 29 July·2:45am