Lydia Schiavello


Profession: Interior Decorator 
Age: 46
Location: Malvern
Relationship status: Married
Children: 3 children, 3 step-children
Star sign: Libra
Fun fact: Lydia is married in Florence

Lydia Schiavello defines the ‘cosmopolitan housewife’. As well as being an accomplished hostess, interior decorator, cook and skier – she’s also a devoted mother of 2 boys, 1 girl and 3 step-children – not to mention her fashion-forward Italian greyhound, Figaro

With a beautiful home in Malvern and a sumptuous holiday house in the snowfields of Thredbo, Lydia is married to the renowned architect and CEO of Metier3, Andrew Norbury. Not surprisingly, one of Lydia’s passions is design – having completed her course at the distinguished RMIT – she’s now applied her well-honed skills to the recent renovation of her contemporary home.

Lydia is also a die-hard ‘foodie’ – always combining the latest culinary trends with traditional techniques learnt from her mother Lina, ensuring Sunday night family dinners are always a firm favourite!

But when she’s not overseeing her household or attending to her family, Lydia’s objectives are purely altruistic - immersing herself in her role as an Ambassador to The Shane Warne Foundation. Lydia facilitates and participates in the numerous fund raising events for the Foundation and is instrumental in creating new connections and donor opportunities.



Friday, 19 Dec 2014

07:40 AM
The People's Court
08:35 AM
Judge Judy
09:00 AM
Judge Judy
09:30 AM
Project Runway
10:30 AM
Newlyweds UK: The First Year
11:30 AM
Shortland Street