4 Reasons Why Vanderpump Rules Fans Will Love Unanchored

This Vanderpump Rules-meets-Below Deck hybrid is going to be your new favourite guilty pleasure.

A new show is about to set sail on Arena, and if you love Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck as much as we do, it’s about to become your latest TV obsession. Put a dynamic cast much like everyone’s fave SUR-vers in front of a beautiful tropical background, and you’ve got Unanchored, which follows a group of nine best friends as they embark on a “life-changing” yacht trip around the Bahamas.

1. Unanchored is produced by the same people who make Vanderpump Rules.

The team of masterminds who’ve blessed us with PumpRules are back, but they’ve swapped Hollywood for a luxury yacht in the Bahamas. “We’re taking a lot of the same crew members, same people from Vanderpump Rules, and we’re doing this new show that’s all gonna be on the water,” said Jeremiah Smith, a co-executive producer of Unanchored.

2. The location looks like something from a postcard.

If you love seeing all the tropical destinations the yachties get to visit on Below Deck, just wait until you see where the crew go on Unanchored. Jess Snavely, a production manager, spilled that the Unanchored crew travelled to the Abaco Islands, a small island chain in the Bahamas. From the crystal blue water to the white sandy beaches, another crew member put it best when she said, “I mean, come on, it feels like we’re not at work.”

3. The cast is a group of best friends.

According to Smith, a good cast is the glue that holds a great together. And luckily, the nine people who hopped aboard for Unanchored happen to be best friends. “You can’t make a good show unless you have a good cast,” he shared. “We are incredibly lucky that we found a group of people that are living their lives in such a different way than most people live them… they are a really, really unique, interesting, crazy group of people.”

4. The trip will be the experience of a lifetime.

Bill Langworthy, the executive producer of Vanderpump Rules, pitched the idea for Unanchored after learning about the “life-changing” experiences people had after going on yacht trips like theirs. “These trips change people’s lives. They came back and they felt like they were different people, so that was really interesting to me. It made me curious; what was going on these trips that affected people so profoundly? Then the idea of it was, ‘Can you capture a life-changing experience on camera?’“

Don’t miss any of the adventure when Unanchored premieres on December 5 at 9.30pm!