5 things we can tell you about Season 5 of Below Deck!

1.  The love square between the new stew Brianna and three other men among the crew creates big waves during this season of Below Deck.

2.  In this season, veteran Kate is responsible of having to train two new stews in a short amount of time. To deal with this frustrating task, Kate engages in some off-boat escapades with a good looking sailor.

3.  Three men chef Matt, deckhand Chris and senior deckhand Nico fight for the affection of the new stew, Brianna. Who will she choose?

4.   After a scary accident, Captain Lee is forced to “reconfigure” the deck crew. After the ‘reconfigure’, nobody is happy but the new deckhand, Baker, who might have ulterior motives after the sudden change of deck crew.

5.  Let’s talk about newbie Chris: His hobbies include charming women, extreme sports, food and keeping fit. Chris values family and friends and has a hard time getting on with people around him.

Below Deck Season 5 Starts September 6th on Arena