Captain Lee spills his rich guests’ craziest requests

“Stud of the Sea” Captain Lee Rosbach rules the high seas every week on Below Deck, wrangling his crew and super-wealthy clients aboard multi-million dollar mega-yachts.

Captain Lee yesterday revealed the most outrageous demands he’s ever received from his rich and famous clients to Fox News:

“We had a particular brand of suckling pig flown in from New Zealand for a New Year’s Eve dinner. And that was the only thing flown in, this pig. We had an owner who wanted eggplant for lunch and the particular area we were in didn’t have any. He had a pilot standing by because we couldn’t find eggplant. So he jetted off someplace to pick up a case.”

If a client has enough cash to splash, there’s nothing the Captain and the yachties won’t accomplish for them. But where does he draw the line?

“Drugs. I don’t care how much money they have. It doesn’t make any difference to me. But drugs are definitely off-limits.”

Sunrise over St Barths.

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Season 5 of Below Deck sees Capt. Lee and his crew sailing the ultra-luxurious BG yacht, which could be yours to charter in the Bahamas for a cool $210,000 per week – plus expenses. He teases that this season we can expect some crazy moments that land both the crew and clients land in hot water:

“This season is really full of surprises. We have some new crew members coming on board and it always takes them a while to get used to each other. Different personalities and that sort of thing. There are some challenging moments, to say the least.”

Catch Season 5 of Below Deck express from the U.S. on Wednesdays at 1.10pm / 8.30pm encore.