The Real Housewives of Melbourne Episode Guide Episodes

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EPISODE 1 – Join the Club

It’s great to see all the wives again…but it sure doesn’t take long for the talons to come out.  They’re in feisty form.

Given it’s been a while since the ladies have caught up, Chyka invites Jackie and Janet to her regular book club. Amid flowing champagne and tasty treats, Chyka’s old friend Susie arrives.  It’s quickly clear Susie knows many of the wives very well.  One of them, perhaps not in a good way.  Lydia and Pettifleur are also catching up, with ‘Janet and Gamble’ the hot topics of a conversation which isn’t entirely positive.  Pettifleur’s feeling vengeful after Gamble questioned the authenticity of her book and doesn’t hold back airing insults and accusations.

With ears burning Gamble and Rick are enjoying their new home while discussing their upcoming wedding. Rick is hoping for a small, modest affair – which means he’s sure to be disappointed.  Meanwhile Gina’s had to hire a personal assistant: Josh, to help with her many brand commitments: new book, shoe line, TV demands and an upcoming perfume launch.   She’s oblivious to potential group tensions which are being fueled by Lydia who’s appointed herself mediator between Petttifleur and Gamble.  By the time everyone catches up at Susie’s for a wholesome baking day, the temperature is soaring and not just in the kitchen.  Pettifleur sums it up ‘it’s kill or be killed’.


Episode 2 – Old Sparks, New Starts

Family matters dominate and life issues can sometimes prove confronting.

Chyka, Susie and Gamble hit the shops looking for wedding gift inspiration. Discussion quickly turns to Lydia’s betrayal of her ‘friend’ Pettifleur. Gamble’s convinced Lydia was trying to help by passing on Pettifleur’s barbed insults but Susie and Chyka question Lydia’s motives. Once Lydia actually rocks up, you can cut the air with a knife.

Later Gamble invites Gina to her final wedding dress fitting. There is serious doubt the dress will be ready on time but Gina’s more concerned that Gamble’s promoted her dress designer Alin, to the role of wedding planner, given it’s not a job he’s ever attempted.   Meanwhile, Janet’s ex-husband Brian, has called her out of the blue wanting to discuss something important over dinner. Jackie speculates a reconciliation may be on the cards.

Susie’s keen to get to know Pettifleur better and arranges to meet at the gym. They soon realise they have a lot in common and while bonding over a shared love of horses decide to organize a riding day for some of the other wives. On the day itself Jackie, Chyka and Janet join them in the saddle and seize the moment to air their latest grievances and Lydia is a hot topic of conversation.


Episode 3 – ‘By Invitation Only’

Uncomfortable home truths are exchanged as the wives and various family members reunite.

Bride to be Gamble is torn, should she invite Pettifleur to her wedding even though they’re at logger heads?  Chewing it over with family, the ever supportive Rick encourages her to do the right thing while his son Luke has other ideas leaving Gamble as confused as ever.  At the same time Pettifleur’s in damage control but not over Gamble.  She and her sister Gillian were once close but they’ve drifted apart … so time to address their issues.  Sadly things don’t really go to plan.  And speaking of family planning, Jackie’s feeling the pressure to start one after a recent visit from her Mum and decides to confide her fears about motherhood to close pal Chyka.  Questions of motherhood are at the forefront for Janet as well.  When she separated from Brian, she distanced herself from his family and that included stepdaughter Fiora. When the two finally reunite, emotions are high and Fiora doesn’t hold back telling Janet what she thinks of the separation.

Finally Gamble is having the ladies over for a cocktail party where she plans to issue the wedding invitations.  It’s not what you’d call a sedate gathering as simmering tensions surface but when Pettifleur questions her wedding invitation all hell breaks loose.


Episode 4 – ‘Here Come the Brides’

There’s a good reason why wedding dresses are best worn on one day only.

Never one to shy away from drama, Pettifleur took it to the next level when she rejected Gamble’s wedding invitation.  And while the fallout includes yelling, tears & eventually hugs, is all really forgiven?  With the big day looming , BFF’s Gina and Gamble enjoy some light relief lingerie shopping for the wedding night – not many could pull off such skimpy looks but Gamble gets Gina’s complete endorsement with good reason.  Meanwhile, Janet’s hosting her first extended family dinner since she and Brian split up.  A gathering of the clan seems the right place to share news of her recent medical diagnosis – turns out the condition had shut her off from the world without her understanding why.  But a loving dinner with her ex and their family doesn’t stop Janet exploring other options and soon she’s being wined and dined by ‘Christopher’.  Meanwhile, Susie’s sons are introducing her to the wonderful world of online dating so she can get out amongst it too.  Just a shame dating these days ain’t what it used to be.

Hostess with the mostest Chyka throws Gamble a bridal shower with a twist thanks to the strict dress code: ‘wedding-dress-only’.  After the ladies take a walk down memory lane, Lydia and Susie sit down to air their issues.


Episode 5 ‘Gamble’s Big Day’

Every outdoor wedding needs a plan B.

The big day is fast approaching so Rick and Gamble arrive in Byron Bay ahead of their guests to make sure everything’s on track for their beach wedding.   Back in Melbourne, Gina’s packing for the trip with the help of  new PA Josh.  Gamble asked her to be involved in the ceremony, so she’s determined to look her best.  Later, when the ladies arrive at the Byron at Byron resort Gina heads straight to work.  At the wedding rehearsal it’s soon clear how inappropriate high heels will be on the beach but there are way worse worries than sinking in sand.  A strong wind forewarns the potential damaging impact of bad weather – and severe storms are predicted for the wedding day.  Hard to believe but the wedding planner, has no plan B.

Pre-wedding night at the final shindig for Gamble and Rick – things go off with a bang, literally.  A wild storm lashes Byron with no sign of easing, Gina leaves early amid much speculation and Gamble’s ‘worst nightmare’ is coming true.   Come the big day it’s not just the weather that isn’t going to plan.


Episode 6 – ‘Bye Bye Byron

Bitter sweet life lessons with family

While the weather held for Gamble and Rick’s beach ceremony, the heavens finally open all over the reception amid much scrambling for cover and concern for their teetering multi-tiered cake.  The new Mr and Mrs Wolfe aren’t the only couple of interest given Janet’s ex, Brian is working the crowd. Gina’s early departure the night before has some of the wives in full on detective mode but when Chyka and Janet chose to question her about it they’re quickly cut down by a Gina in fighting form.

Family is the priority back in Melbourne: Susie takes her teenager Rupert for a driving lesson and Chessie’s made a life changing decision that doesn’t sit well with her Mum and Dad.  Gina visits her elderly dad in a nursing home where he’s suffered a recent fall.

As for the love lives: Janet’s still keeping her options open meeting up with Christopher again – this time they’re joining Susie and Marcello (who showed interest in Byron) on a double date.   Things don’t exactly pan out as expected.   Meanwhile Gina’s preparing a family feast for her younger son’s birthday.  With Gamble still away on her honeymoon Pettifleur and Lydia are invited to join the celebrations.  When talk turns to the Gamble/Gina friendship Gina is quick to deflect the blame.


Episode 7 – ‘Portrait of Figaro’

The pleasure and pain of friendship.

Figaro is not proving a willing participant when it comes to sitting for his portrait and seems unimpressed the artist also painted Johnny Depp’s dog Boo.  Across town, Gamble is taking stepson Luke out shopping where she confides to him how she feels about Gina.  An oblivious Ms Liano is busy sampling fragrances for her perfume line while refining a name which best reflects the quintessence of Gina.   Not easy.

For Jackie and Ben a babysitting session should give them a reasonable taste of parenthood.   How hard can it be minding a couple of toddlers?

Chyka’s arranged a magnificent middle eastern surprise for all the ladies in a setting that blows them away.  But excitement over an invitation to join her on an exotic overseas trip is short lived given Pettifleur’s ingenious ability to rub Jackie up the wrong way. The two go head-to-head in a battle that shocks the group.


Episode 8 – ‘Do Buy’

Desert heat, desert drama

Thanks to Chyka’s fabulous invitation, the housewives arrive with wide eyed wonder in spectacular Dubai.   After checking into Atlantis The Palm, their super-opulent digs, they hot foot it down to the beach for cocktails.  Spirits are high with the exception of one of the wives and it doesn’t take long for cracks to appear in the group.  After many trips to the area, Lydia’s keen to establish herself as the resident expert which has the desired effect of rubbing Chyka up the wrong way.

On day two after fun filled water activities with a variety of sea creatures, the girls head out to dinner.  With a magnificent aquarium wall as a backdrop things are pleasant enough to begin with – but their banter soon turns to bickering when Gina’s friendship with Gamble is put under the microscope.   It’s also clear Pettifleur and Jackie can’t see eye to eye on anything right now and don’t hold back expressing their mutual disdain.

The biggest shopping mall in the world is right on their doorstep, so it’s no surprise the ladies are keen to partake in some heavy duty retail therapy.  But when it comes to shopping, Pettifleur is both slow to make up her mind and passionately in love with her own reflection which begins to grate on the others, especially Susie.

No visit to Dubai is complete without a trip to the desert.  A camel ride over the dunes at sunset proves a uniquely wonderful experience for all but one of the women.   The final destination is a Bedouin style dinner under the stars where there’s an unexpected surprise for Chyka.  As the sumptuous meal progresses two of the wives alienate themselves from the group and eventually just one becomes the target of home truths and accusations which fly out loudly across the moonlit dunes.  Even the camels are scared.


Episode 9 – ‘Desert Storm’

Dinner in the Dubai desert continues with temperatures in the sand dunes soaring.

Back at our desert dinner the housewives try in vain to explain their frustrations to Pettifleur, but their words fall on deaf ears while pushing her to breaking point.  With the heat rising Gina loses her cool as only Gina can.

Another day, another opportunity for retail therapy, and this time it’s the more traditional experience of shopping at the Dubai souks. While Jackie, Gina and Susie drape themselves in gold; Janet, Gamble and Chyka sample colourful textiles.  But all discuss the same hot topic:  Pettifleur!   Said hot topic meantime is recovering alone by the beach when Lydia shows up unexpectedly and shatters her precious me-time along with the peace and tranquillity of everyone nearby.

The rest of the group make their way to Qbara, one of Dubai’s best restaurants.  On arrival, the girls agree they should avoid a repeat of last night’s dinner debacle but things quickly boil over again when Lydia and Pettifleur arrive.  A simple apology from an unexpected source brings some much needed peace to the table.  But with one fire out, it’s only a matter of time before another flares.  Will it be Gamble and Gina going head to head this time or Jackie and Lydia?  Maybe it’s both but rest assured, you know things have really hit rock bottom when Chyka the Queen of composure, finally gets angry.


Episode 10 – ‘Gossip Girl’

As Dubai recovers from the high drama that accompanied the housewives on their trip, the women return to ‘normality’ back in Melbourne.

The wives wrap up their trip to Dubai with a spot of private diamond-and-gem-encrusted-jewellery shopping in the hotel’s incredible Royal Bridge Suite. Lydia attempts to patch things up with Chyka who makes it clear she isn’t ready. Back in Melbourne family is the priority: Ben and Jackie investigate their fertility, Janet and her ex-husband Brian decide on their future, Lydia and her brother plan their Mum’s birthday party and Gina is coming to terms with ‘Gina’ the brand with the help of a celebrity life coach.  Meanwhile after 2 years work, Chyka’s putting the finishing touches on the Glasshouse at Olympic Park in preparation for its extravagant opening.  All the ladies are invited to the event, even Lydia who again finds herself the center of unwanted attention due to her apparent gossiping.  When things get heated, she turns on her only remaining ally, Pettifleur.  It’s suddenly all too clear that Lydia Schiavello is in a very lonely place right now.


Episode 11 – ‘Waterfront’

Lydia’s mum celebrates her 69th birthday, Gina launches ‘Gina’ the perfume and the ladies get together for a final dinner slash showdown.

Pettifleur’s feeling a little unloved after Lydia’s outburst at Glasshouse and meets up with her sister Gillian to try and get things back on track.  Meanwhile Lydia still wants PF to attend her mum Lina’s 69th birthday party even though some of the other wives aren’t as welcome.  Jackie gives Susie an emotionally charged psychic reading focusing on family past, present and future. Gina’s perfume launch is a moment of nervous pride and delight as friends and family immerse themselves in a cloud of her essence. Pettifleur and Gamble have become unexpected allies after a rocky start but Lydia, sensing her alliances are depleted, seeks an audience with Chyka in the hope of righting things between them.  Finally, all the ladies reunite for a last dinner at the Waterfront Port Melbourne.  But as often happens with the Real Housewives of Melbourne, the night starts off wonderfully then quickly hits the skids.


Season 3 Reunion

After the most explosive series ever, temperatures soar as the Real Housewives of Melbourne reunite for a fiery reunion that is sure to set tongues wagging. There’s tears, tantrums and plenty of allegations thrown as the 8 Housewives come together to air their grievances.

It doesn’t take long for things to heat up as serious fractures appear in the friendship between BFF’s Gina and Gamble when the busy barrister is questioned about her commitment to the friendship.

New Housewife Susie puts Lydia in the firing line.  It’s accusation after accusation between the two ladies and Susie sends shockwaves when she shares an unexpected update about the highly publicised friendship between Lydia and Shane Warne.

Pettifleur’s ongoing obsession with herself causes a flurry of opinions from all the Housewives and ends in a pillow fight between two of the ladies.

Everyone has an opinion when the topic of ‘rumours’ is raised, and Janet and Chyka confront Lydia about what they have heard. This topic gets everyone fired up and ends in tears, literally.



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