Everything you need to know about Real Estate Wars’ rival teams

There’s no shortage of seriously entertaining rivalries to watch on Arena, but we’ve got the holy grail of all wars coming to Friday nights: Real Estate Wars.

In the show, two real estate hot-shots battle for properties in the lavish Orange County, California. It’s Team McMonigle versus The Relegance Group, and boy do they have a deep history of bad blood.

Before the housing market crashed and Team McMonigle leader, John McMonigle lost nearly everything, he had over 300 agents working for him. During that time, he fired only two of them – one was Jojo Romeo, aka the head of the Relegance Group. Now, their two teams battle it out to see who can rule one of the most cut-throat real estate regions of the world.

Let’s meet the players:

Team McMonigle:

Spearheaded by the real estate McMogul himself, John McMonigle is a record-breaking real estate agent, who has lead a team in selling over $6.1 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) worth of property over the last 10 years. For the past five years, he’s been named the number 1 agent by the Wall Street Journal.

A native Californian, Drew D’Angelo has been in the business for over 15 years. As a real estate expert, Drew even wrote a business plan about “investing” and “divesting” in Real Estate.

Then we have the baby of the group, Hunter Fedden, affectionately referred to as “The Wunderkid.” At just 24 years old, and already selling up to $50 million in properties, Hunter is young and restless.

Leo Goldschwartz is an extremely active member of the McMonigle Group – literally. The father of two loves running, yoga, paddle boarding, and sport fishing. His other sport? Selling multi-million dollar homes.

In a previous life, Hoda Hajirnia worked the newsroom for a top network news station. She stepped out of that role in favor of following her family’s footsteps as realtors. Real estate is simply in her blood.

The Relegance Group:

Jojo Romeo runs the show at the Relegance Group. Selling over $400 million worth in real estate in the last six years alone, this single mother of five is one tough mama. With a touch of feng shui on her side, good energy seems to always come to Jojo’s listings.

Next we have our greek god, Spyro Kemble. He is the president of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors and an active board member for the WIN foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help women. With yearly sales grossing over $50 million in sales, Spyro is quite the force.

Kylie McCollough has lived and worked on all seven continents. The world traveler settled down in Orange County, and focuses her sales on waterfront properties. With elite clients like yachting aficionados and Olympic athletes, Kylie is always fishing for the best deal.

Born in Finland, but raised in Sweden, the tri-lingual Eliisa Stowell has a knack for the international market, and definitely uses it to her advantage.

Last but not least, we have former Division 1 rower, Kacey Taormina. This Boston University graduate never misses a workout; she always makes time for her family; and she never takes “no” for an answer when it comes to real estate.

It’s the ultimate turf battle in the O.C., and things get tense when realty and reality collide. These trash-talking teams battling for million-dollar commissions are definitely worth a watch!

Real Estate Wars premieres Friday October 27th at 8:30pm.