Gina Liano has left the building – Episode 10 Recap

Talk is cheap

We open this week at the picturesque NGV, where Lydia and Venus are catching up for a day drink. Venus has the goss from Gamble’s séance last week: “I found out, that Sam and Janet had broken up at a stage!” she reveals, totally unaware that this is all ancient history to Lydia. Called it! The reason swirling around for the break-up, Janet had said, was apparently because of her drinking. What’s more, “apparently, this information had come from you,” confides Venus. Lydia is unfazed by Venus’ revelation, saying “I couldn’t care less about Janet…She’s a drunken pig.”

To new friendships

Venus has invited Gamble and Rick over for dinner, so that the couples can get to know one another “on a more intimate level” (which apparently, does not mean swinging). The dinner gets off to an awkward start, te remnants of ‘LordGate’ still hanging over the four of them. But in true Housewives fashion, the tension diffuses once everyone is thoroughly lubricated with champagne. Talk turns to a comment Gina made at Venus’ masterclass, that Gamble is “bleeding [Rick] to death.” “What, spending all our money?” says Rick, unwavering. “How absurd. It’s our money…It’s offensive, too.” Even James lets out a little “aww!” at the couple, who will forever be Relationship Goals.

Hashtag Blessed!

Jackie and Ben are in her hometown of Newcastle, as she’s being honoured with a key to the city. “It’s just nice to be recognised for the work I’ve done, inspiring women and men to know who they are” she babbles. Surrounded by family, she’s presented with a giant novelty key by Newcastle’s Lord Mayor, which Jackie promises to display proudly in her lounge room “right next to Ben’s ARIA awards.” Everyone goes back to her family home for lunch, where we’re treated to some truly amazing shots of a young Jax sporting classic 2000’s highlights.

All the right notes

We’re back Jason Signh’s house in his studio, where Gamble is going to record the final version of her love song for Rick. “The song, lyrically, is about coming back to life, being given life and new meaning. And feeling that you want to be a better person because of somebody” she gushes, tearing up a little. Back from her trip to Bali, Sally arrives at the studio to act as Gamble’s test subject. “If she looks at me in horror,” Gamble reasons, “then maybe I’ll re-think doing this whole project.” But her fears are allayed once they play back the track. “When I first hear Gamble, I have to say, I was really pleasantly surprised,” says Sally in her confessional. “She does have a really nice voice.”

Gina Liano has left the building

It’s Venus’ daughter Sophia’s fourth birthday, she has pulled out all the stops for a surprise ‘enchanted garden’ themed party complete with showgirls, a fancy four-tier cake, and every socialite in Toorak. (Her request for five or six baby pigs to run around, however, appears to have been nixed). Despite Gina’s pretending that Sally is invisible, and the hostess having a minor breakdown about her nose job (standard Housewives, honestly) the party is more or less going smoothly.

That is, until Janet steals Gina’s thunder by presenting the birthday girl with Gina’s gift, prompting the two to step aside for a stern word with each other. “What’s this shit I’ve been hearing around Toorak that I’m supposed to have broken up with Sam?” Janet demands. Gina is not having a bar of it. “I think I need to talk to you when you’re sober, darling…You don’t remember.” she answers, fixing Janet with a haughty stare. For brevity’s sake, we’ll spare you all the inane bickering and just skip to the end of the argument, when Janet tells Gina to F off.

“I’m not putting up with this anymore,” says Gina, gathering her things. Venus pleads with Gina to stay for cake, but her mind is made up. “I just can’t be bothered with the whole thing, it’s hideous. I’m done, I’m out of this, I’m gone, I’m finished. I’m not doing it anymore, I can’t be fucked.” Having exhausted the English language of synonyms, Gina leaves – but was she just talking about the party, or is she hanging up her Real Housewife title for good?

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