How the Real Housewives self-isolate

Due to COVID-19, The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 5 is on hiatus and our lovely ladies are doing their part and staying home. We caught up with each of the Housewives and found out how they’re holding up in isolation.

Anjali Rao is a new addition to the Real Housewives of Melbourne cast. What has she been up to in isolation? “Aside from an unfathomable amount of thumb-twiddling, I’ve been extremely pro-active in the amount of Dr Phil and Judge Judy I’ve watched.”

The former CNN Talk Asia host is putting her talents to good use during this uncertain time. “As a journalist, I’m a born researcher. This has been invaluable given the insane number of hours I’ve put into discovering where on God’s green earth to buy toilet roll. Meanwhile, my son, Izzy, has been busy collecting leaves in case Mama’s research ends in failure.”

Gina Liano is continuing to work as much as she can and spending time with her pups, Ninja and Noodles.

Gamble Breaux- Wolfe has been using this unexpected downtime to home-school her Pomeranian, Tank, and complete some unfinished DIY projects around her house.  As evidence, here is a time-lapse video of Gamble painting her barn door:

Gamble has a nailed down a routine while in self-isolation. “This is what my day looks like: My Pomeranian, Tank, leads the day with a 30-second downward doggie yoga class – exactly as long as I can focus without checking my social media.”

The returning Housewife, like many of us, struggles to find a work-life balance. “I try to make my way to my home office, but the random spring-clean of a drawer that I always wish I hadn’t started sucks up a chunk of the morning. Like getting to work through peak hour traffic, I finally hit the kitchen with a bunch of junk out of the said drawer. I stuff it into another drawer, cursing Luke under my breath as I re-clean a kitchen I had left spotless. Finally, I hit the studio and…procrastinate!”

The Champagne Dame, Kyla Kirkpatrick, is a workaholic – no matter the circumstances. She is using her time indoors “to plan for the future when the world finally rights itself”.

Her online champagne distribution company, Emporer Champagne, is still “delivering champagne Australia-wide throughout the crisis to help bring a little bit of sparkle into what is a really tough time”. Kyla has also organised a champagne giveaway through Instagram, gifting a high-end bottle and crystal tulips to a lucky winner every Friday, in hopes of lifting spirits during this difficult time.

The newbie Housewife is balancing working from home with holding down the homefront. “I’m also homeschooling Miss Arlington and doing lots of spring-cleaning!”

Returning Housewife, Lydia Schiavello, has been struggling with social-distancing from her granddaughters, but “Thank god for FaceTime”. Luckily, she has her beloved Italian Greyhound, Figaro – who recently celebrated his 11th birthday – to cuddle up to during isolation. Lydia’s passion is cooking, so this time indoors has provided an opportunity for her to put her signature spin on classic Italian recipes.


Janet Roach has been in isolation for many weeks, as her partner, Sam, is someone particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. While at home, the returning Housewife has been “working completely full-time”, although now she’s traded her heels for a flowing silk robe.

She reassures us that her tea, Raw Essentials Tea, is “going gangbusters”, which is keeping her very busy. Janet has also been trying her hand at some crafting. “I’m making N-95 masks for my family and my children.”

While isolating, season 5 newbie, Cherry Dipietrantonio, has been sharing her yoga knowledge remotely.”I’m certainly much better at being a yoga teacher. I’ve set up my home gym and have been busy been doing clips and videos for my studio and my social media. I’m also doing an online yoga class for a dance school.”

“With the children at home I have been busy helping my youngest with his homeschooling,” said Cherry. “Making sure the older ones are actually doing their work – oh boy, it’s not easy!” Cooking up a storm, Cherry has been spending more time than ever in the kitchen. “I guess I’m nesting. It’s a nice change as I feel I’m always on the go.”