Jennifer Welch Returns (with Pumps!) to Arena in New Series Sweet Home

Get ready for some breathtaking interior design this summer! Jennifer Welch, the lovable interior designer we first met in Sweet Home Oklahoma, is returning to Arena when the all-new series Sweet Home premieres on Sunday, December 2 at 7.30pm.

When you think of upscale interior design, chances are Oklahoma City isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Sweet Home’s Jennifer Welch changed that mindset when she became the go-to choice for high-end, creative design vision.

We’ll watch Jennifer bring chic back to Oklahoma City, along with her new interior design team, Alex Hodges, Sarah Moll, and Sabah Khan. Jennifer has been slaying the interior design game for 20 years, and now she’s taking on bigger and better projects, from mansions to vacation homes to cabanas. You won’t believe the stunning reveals featuring Jennifer’s high-end and innovative vision.

Of course, Sweet Home is still going to bring the fun with some help from Jennifer’s ride-or-die BFF Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, as well as a peek at her still “happily unmarried” relationship with ex-husband Josh Welch. It feels so good to be reunited with this crew.