Meet Cherry Dipietrantonio!

We chatted with new Real Housewife of Melbourne, Cherry Dipietrantonio, and covered yoga, kids and Bethany Frankel:

You grew up in England. Were there notable differences in your life there and the lifestyle of your in laws in Australia?

There’s obvious differences between Australia and England, definitely. Look, I grew up on the water, in Southampton. Melbourne and Southampton are actually in a similar position when you look at Australia and England. I’m used to the water and boats and everything, but in a very different way. My husband and I are from very different backgrounds – that was quite pronounced for me. Our families are very different.

Tell me about meeting your husband.

We met at the Sari Club in Bali. I met him in September 1999 and in August I had just turned 18. I had literally just had my 18th birthday.

When did you move from the UK to Melbourne?

That was pretty much it. I met him on a gap year and I only went back to England for about three months, then basically came straight back. So, pretty much from when I met him I’d made that move. It was more like a holiday I had in England. I didn’t look back really.

You’re clearly very passionate about yoga and health, what first put you on your path of practice?

My mum actually practiced yoga. She had all these ‘80s yoga books with women wearing lycra and leg warmers.

For me though, I did go through a stage of going to yoga classes because I thought it was something that I should be doing, but I never really got much out of it. It was after that, when I went through a stage when I was dealing with anxiety. It came to me then, when I needed it.

How do you think your mindfulness will mesh with the drama of Housewives?

I think there will be plenty of resistance and I also think there will be plenty of piss taking, mimicking even. I’m kind of expecting that. And that’s okay – yoga is supposed to be fun. I don’t take it really seriously. I am serious about what I do, but I don’t take myself seriously.

What’s a typical day in the life of Cherry?

I’m an early riser. I teach early morning classes, so I open up the studio at 5:30am or, if I’m not teaching, I might go to a yoga class or do something else at the gym.

I like to write. I’m working on my presenting my work as well, so I’ll go to classes and workshops. I catch up with friends, but that doesn’t happen that much these days because I seem to be quite busy.

The majority of my life is centred around the kids. I’m really hands on. I don’t have any help with them. It’s me and my husband, Andre. Family life!

So what led you to the decision to be on RHOM?

For me, I love a bit of adventure as well and I like challenging myself. I think it’s quite interesting because I tend to surround myself with similar people – you know, people that are into mindfulness. They tend to be people who are very compassionate and understanding.

So, how fabulous to be thrown into a situation that’s completely the opposite! Sink or swim, right? It’s the challenge that is appealing to me.

Were you a fan of the show before you were on RHOM? Any specific franchise?

I’m a pretty clean-living girl, but I do have a dirty habit. That dirty habit is reality television.

Yes, I absolutely have seen Real Housewives of Melbourne in the past. New York is my favourite. I’ve seen the Cheshire one as well, the England one. I find that interesting just because it reminds me of home.

Do you have a favourite Housewife?

Bethany Frankel, who has now left New York. My other favourite Housewife would be Lisa Rinna on Beverly Hills.

Is there anything you would like the audience to know about you?

Do you know what? Let them make up their own mind. I don’t need to shove anything down anyone’s throat.