Meet the designers entering the Project Runway All Stars battleground

Drama, fire, fights over fashion, and an endless list of celebrity judges? It must be time for Project Runway All Stars.

This season, eight designers who have already competed for the All Stars title are up against eight familiar faces who are new to the All Stars scene – it’s Veterans Vs. Rookies.

Let’s meet the designers hoping to win the crown:

Back row, L-R
CASANOVA – Veteran: Season 8 (10th), All Stars Season 2 (7th)
JOSHUA – Veteran: Season 9 (Runner-up), All Stars Season 2 (4th)
AMANDA – Rookie: Season 11 (8th place), Season 13 (Runner-up)
MELISSA – Veteran: Season 10 (3rd), All Stars Season 3 (9th)
ARI – Veteran: Season 8 (3rd), All Stars Season 3 (11th)
CHAR – Rookie: Season 13 (4th)
STANLEY – Rookie: Season 11 (3rd)
KELLY – Rookie: Season 14 (Runner-up)

Front row, L-R
EDMOND – Rookie: Season 14 (3rd)
HELEN – Veteran: Season 12 (5th), All Stars Season 4 (3rd)
FABIO – Veteran: Season 10 (Runner-up), All Stars Season 4 (5th)
KEN – Veteran: Season 12 (8th), All Stars Season 5 (3rd)
ANTHONY – Veteran: Season 7 (5th), All Stars Season 1 (9th)
KIMBERLY – Rookie: Season 9 (4th)
CANDICE – Rookie: Season 14 (4th)
MERLINE – Rookie: Season 14 (5th)

Project Runway All Stars Season 6 premieres Thursday, February 8 at 8:30pm