Meet Sally and Venus, the two new Real Housewives of Melbourne

Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 Media Launch

It is a universally acknowledged truth that The Real Housewives of Melbourne is absolutely the best and mental-est installment of all Real Housewives series on television. We say this without a trace of bias – it’s a scientific fact.

Because of this, here at Arena, details about the newest season are kept securely under lock and key.

While we’re champing at the bit to drop all of the best bits from Season 4, for now we can only say this: grab the champers and prepare yourself for shit to get very real indeed.

Although Pettifleur Berenger, Susie McLean and Chyka Keebaugh won’t be returning, your favourites Gina Liano, Gamble Breaux, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach and Lydia Schiavello are all back with axes to grind, and there’s some new chum in the water.

We’ve got all the goss on the two newest Housewives – here’s the scoop:


Sally Bloomfield

Sally joins the housewives on Planet Toorak, having moved back to her native Melbourne after living in Bali for five years. Juggling the running of a luxe homewares store and launching her own accessories range, she has a predilection for big dangly earrings and probably jingles when she walks.

She used to be an editor for Harper’s Bazaar, so you know she’s hoarding a seriously enviable collection of designer handbags worth approximately the same as your mortgage.

Nary a lip filler or even a fake fingernail in sight, Sally looks like she’s got a razor sharp wit, and will call it like she sees it.

Need to know: Sally is a widow – she lost her husband Ian to cancer last year. She’s mum to Nic (14) and Jules (8), and is good mates former Housewife, Chyka. Oh – and she has four pet ducks.

Venus Behbahani-Clark

This lady’s reality gold, and she knows it. Don’t let her plastic-fantastic looks fool you – Venus brings the brains and the beauty. Not only is she a lawyer and certified #bossbabe, she has her own range of vegan cosmetics in the pipeline.

Married to wealthy English oil tycoon James Clark, she looks like she might bathe in champagne and use diamonds as a body scrub.

If her Instagram is anything to go by, she’s the type of woman to stand up for what she believes in – so we’re already predicting some fiery clashes between her and the other housewives! She’s a mate of Gina’s from way back when – but we want to know whose side she’s going to take, and will she have her own axe to grind?

Need to know: Venus has two children from her previous marriage: Sophia (7) and Giselle (3). It took just three dates for James to pop the question, and he has a tattoo of Venus on his thigh.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne return for their fourth season with more outrageous accusations, scandalous gossip, bigger bling and jaw-dropping surprises along the way, premiering Wednesday December 6 at 8:30pm on Foxtel’s Arena and available to stream on demand following the broadcast