Episode 6 blog by Janet Roach

Rick and Gamble are such a great couple. There is truly a lot of love between those two. They are a happy couple to be around. When the bad weather came in, my heart broke for Gamble. It had been her dream to get married on the beach, and a sombre mood took over the…Read more

Episode 6 Blog by Susie McLean

After two divorces and the end of a long term relationship two and half years ago, I find myself single again. I am slowly venturing back into the dating jungle, lost and with what one would call “some baggage”… If we’re talking weight limits, I would probably never be accepted onto a domestic flight. I…Read more

Episode 5 Recap

Pan to: Gamble and Rick, who are 3 days out from wedding bliss. It’s third time’s the charm for Wolfpup, which apparently means increased talk of pre-nups. Wolfie’s an old romantic and doesn’t believe in paperwork from a lawyer because.. true love, but post-nup, pre-nup it’s all a nup to Gambie B and she definitely wants…Read more

Episode 5 blog by Gamble Breaux

Hello everybody, I am very exciting to sit down with a cup of tea to share my thoughts about the wedding with you. I’m happily married now! Settling into married life has been wonderful! The wedding didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. We had a couple of hiccups! I would have liked to…Read more

Episode 5 blog by Lydia Schiavello

I really enjoyed shooting episode 5, having the privilege to attend such an emotional and heart felt wedding in the beautiful surrounds of Byron Bay. WOW. The beautiful values and connection between Gamble, Rick and Luke touched my heart. To see from a far, how much Luke has grown as a man and the special…Read more

Get Gamble’s look

Get Gamble’s Look from The Real Housewives of Melbourne. In Episode 3 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble had the ladies over for a cocktail party where she issued her wedding invitations.  The tensions between the ladies surfaced very quickly and whilst all hell was breaking loose, we couldn’t help but sit back and admire how great Gamble looked in…Read more

Episode 4 Recap

Hey Housewives fans! Welcome to Ep 4 of #RHOMelbourne, or as we like to call it here at Housewives HQ, the feelings episode. We kick off where we left off, in Gamble’s blissful, beachside abode. A reminder of what happened at the end of last ep we hear you ask? “I’ve thought about it. Get fucked!”…Read more

Episode 4 blog by Chyka Keebaugh

Hi Everyone! The bridal shower for Gamble was probably for me one of the best shoots ever. I asked all the girls to come in their old wedding dresses and loved the idea of everyone talking about their own weddings and how they all felt at the time. I would like to say right here…Read more

Episode 4 blog by Susie McLean

With the exception of a few “spot fires” I have been single for quite a while now. In fact, this is the longest that I have been without some form of a romantic attachment since the age of sixteen. I have adjusted to my single life. I’m ok with it… I would even go so…Read more

Episode 3 Recap

Hey there Housewives fans, Well here we are at the end of another blissful Melbourne week. The sun is shining, the champagne is on ice and it’s time to start winding down before work tomorrow. Should be easy enough with a little #RHOMelbourne fix before bed… right? Good luck with that! Open to chalet Gamble…Read more

Episode 3 blog by Gamble Breaux

Hello everybody! It’s so exciting to be speaking to you again through my blog! I’m writing from Mount Eliza with our Pomeranians at my feet. My relationship with Lydia developed into a friendship mostly due to us having had so much fun together at The Logies. Quite frankly most of the girls were very uptight and…Read more

Episode 3 blog by Pettifleur Berenger

We have to all agree that there is some bad blood between Gamble and myself. As Gamble herself admits, I seem to have an impact on how she acts, feel and thinks. It is not my fault that I have such an impact on her emotions – she should be able to control her own…Read more

Episode 2 Recap

We open to Jackie and her Mum, who’s visiting from Newcastle because she has something important to talk to Jacks about. Lana tells Jacks that she’s always eating and then we’re back to more baby talk, except that this time things get deep. Jackie and Ben have had a lot of practice and it’s time…Read more

Episode 2 blog by Jackie Gillies

Motherhood! Even writing it can be scary. The internal and external pressures aren’t helping either, family, friends and the unavoidable ticking biological clock. Some women are just “ready”, for others it varies. The journey is different for every woman and/or partnership. It’s a huge life changer. A baby isn’t something you can just give back. Maybe…Read more

Episode 2 blog by Gina Liano

Last season Pettifleur and I didn’t get off to a good start at all. At the reunion she found herself in a difficult situation where the girls accused her of drinking, which they didn’t see as a problem but she did. Having been on the receiving end of the girls’ rampage in the past, I…Read more

Episode 1 blog by Pettifleur Berenger

When I met up with Lydia I was pretty cut up about the legal ramifications surrounding the book, caused by Gamble’s ignorant accusations, and wanted to lay it all on the line. I confided in Lydia about a few things that I had heard about Gamble. I had heard some gossip from a friend that…Read more

Episode 1 Blog by Susie McLean

It was a case of all my worlds colliding when I came onto the show. I had known most of the girls over variously long periods of time, but they were from completely different friendship groups. So much so, I feared our girl’s lunches would be like a G8 Summit. Eight totally dissimilar women trying to…Read more

Episode 1 Recap

It’s been a while between champagnes for our home-grown Housewives of Melbourne, but tonight came their highly anticipated return, in the first episode of Season 3. And oh my, what an explosive one it was! The season kicks off at Bruce and Chyka’s house, with Brucey teasing Chyks about her quite frankly ENORMOUS jewellery collection….Read more


Pour yourself a martini, reach for your Birkin bag and get ready to party in style! The Real Housewives of Melbourne are back with outrageous accusations, scandalous gossip, heartfelt moments, bigger bling and jaw-dropping surprises along the way, premiering Sunday February 21 at 8:30pm only on Foxtel’s Arena. Returning for Season 3 are Chyka Keebuagh, Gamble Breaux,…Read more

Chyka’s tips for creating a beautiful Christmas tree

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Unless of course you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet! Fear not Chyka’s tips for creating a beautiful Christmas tree will save the day! Climb up into the attic and find the tree  and get to work with a few tips few tips from our Housewife, Chyka. Photograph…Read more