Episode 11 Blog By Janet

The issue between Gina and I came up when she backed up Lydia’s story that I had said things about Jackie behind Jackie’s back at the infamous lunch we had. Firstly, there were 5 of us at that lunch. I had my sister and a girlfriend Yvette there. Lydia and Gina say they were so mortified…Read more

Jason Singh Helps Gamble surprise Rick!

In tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble finally revealed her anniversary surprise for Rick and her hard work pays off as it brings him to tears! The man behind the singing lessons & stage coaching is Jason Singh, one of Australia’s most dynamic performers, a singer and songwriter and original founding member…Read more

Gina Liano has left the building – Episode 10 Recap

Talk is cheap We open this week at the picturesque NGV, where Lydia and Venus are catching up for a day drink. Venus has the goss from Gamble’s séance last week: “I found out, that Sam and Janet had broken up at a stage!” she reveals, totally unaware that this is all ancient history to…Read more

Episode 10 blog by Gamble

Together We Stand, Divided We Brawl The girls have split into two groups. Gina, Lydia and Venus v Janet, Jackie, Sally and me. Janet and I like to call the divide:  The light and the dark side. This has nothing to do with the excessive use of self-tan by the dark side. The definition to us is the…Read more

Episode 9 Blog By Lydia

It was good to catch up with Gina after Mexico and to hear how our little boys, Noodles and Figaro handled themselves while we were away.    They are SO important! It took some time and countless conversations for both Gina and myself to wrap our minds around the numerous arguments that occurred throughout the trip.  Honestly, it was boring. There…Read more

Episode 9 Blog By Jackie

Hi lovers! By now, many of you may know that I’m out of Melbourne and in THE JUNGLE!!! #ImACelebrityAU #CelebJackie . How the hell will I cope? Did you see how I reacted to the deep-fried crickets & Margarita the lizard while I was in Mexico? ???????????? Mexico was a joy! We most certainly lived it…Read more

It’s Showtime! – Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

The cusp of an asshole The episode opens back on Australian soil, as Gina and Lydia lament the chilly Melbourne weather they’ve returned from Mexico to. “As long as I know it happened, it doesn’t matter” says Gina, in reference to her allegation that Sally called her a ‘wog bitch’. “Bella, I heard it,” reassures…Read more

The Housewives’ most OTT reactions from Season 4

All that Botox, and yet they’re still so expressive! Here are our top picks, as gifs, for each of the Real Housewives of Melbourne’s most over-the-top reactions so far this season. For the best eye rolls, snarky glares, and shocked expressions around, read on!

Meet the designers entering the Project Runway All Stars battleground

Drama, fire, fights over fashion, and an endless list of celebrity judges? It must be time for Project Runway All Stars. This season, eight designers who have already competed for the All Stars title are up against eight familiar faces who are new to the All Stars scene – it’s Veterans Vs. Rookies. Let’s meet the designers hoping…Read more

Episode 8 Blog by Janet

Hooray, We are in Mexico! I must admit, I do love travelling with the girls. On the flight over we had so much fun. We were all up at the Bar, laughing and telling jokes. When it is good with them it is very good. These are the times that make me persevere with them…Read more

High Seas, High Tension – Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

High Seas The ladies are heading out to sea on a catamaran, for a day of exploring the Cabo coastline. Despite declaring that she was “Never. Drinking. Again. Ever. Ever. Everrrrrr,” all of five seconds ago, Janet happily sips on vodka cranberry while tequila is doled out to everyone else. At this stage, all the…Read more

Episode 8 Blog By Lydia

Here I am, in colourful Mexico… ready for some “to-kill-er”? This episode starts with huge drama on a Catty Meringue. Honestly, I am not sure what language is being used, and I know I am often criticized for my pronunciation, but really, what are we doing?  Our day on the cata-“meringue” (thanks Jacks) was a…Read more

Your faves from NYC are teaming up on Bethenny & Fredrik

Arena is getting into the renovation game with dynamic duo Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund in the new series Bethenny & Fredrik, premiering Sunday, February 11 at 7pm. Bethenny has been Fredrik’s client and friend, and now they’re taking their friendship to new heights by coming together as real estate moguls and business partners – which…Read more

Never. Drinking. Again – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The Housewives jet off this week for their seasonal cast trip – to Mexico! It’s all of your favourite Real Housewives drama that you love, but with a language barrier, jet lag, and Camilla kaftans thrown in the mix. Grab a drink, get comfy, and buckle in. “You know, we are in South America.” “No,…Read more

Episode 7 Blog By Jackie

Hi lovers! Ep 7 straight in… Mocking is obviously in the family, Lydia. Disappointing. Boring, moving on… It has been a long time coming. Lots of hard work, but here we are!!!  Finally in MEXICO following our dreams, and to have the girls come along for the ride is just wonderful. The Villa is unbelievable, and…Read more

Episode 7 Blog by Sally

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying this season so far! So excited to be going to Mexico!  I used to live in LA when I was 30 and always planned to go down there but never quite made it. It will be fun to be in one big house together and have some real time with…Read more

Episode 6 Blog By Lydia

 “TOO MANY NUTS IN MY PIE” WOW! What a week! It seems that a Tsunami of commentary has been launched and unintentionally I am at the epicentre. After last season’s unwarranted allegations, I have genuinely made multiple attempts to make peace with Jackie. All of that is overlooked as Jackie continues to carry on about my supposed…Read more

Back off from Venus, go to Pluto – Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

They’re not your friends! We open this week with the signature dinging of a tram, in case you’ve forgotten what city we’re in, and the Dark Side catching up over ginger biscuits. Gina is mulling over losing her dad, which has forced her to have some perspective on what’s worth spending time and energy on….Read more

Season 4 Episode 6 Blog by Gina

I caught up with Venus and Lydia and could see Lydia was upset. Clearly she’s worn down and had enough of being targeted by the other girls. It’s always hard work having to defend yourself in situations where you’re being falsely accused of something or being someone you are not. Lydia has been a really…Read more

I like to gossip – Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there has been a Schism amongst the Melbourne ‘Wives: the “Light Side”: Janet, Gamble, Sally, and honourable-blonde Jackie, versus the “Dark Side”: Gina, Lydia, and definitely-not-a-natural-blonde Venus. May the force be with you, Housewives fans! Here are five highlights from Episode 5, “Sally Can’t Wait”: Not that…Read more