RHOCheshire returns this month – who’s out, and who’s in?

It’s never quiet in Cheshire; The Real Housewives are back with a bang… and two new faces. 

The Real Housewives of Cheshire and their glamorous lifestyles are returning this month for a brand new series filled with highs, lows and a lot of champagne.

Dawn Ward, Tanya Bardsley, Lauren Simon, Rachel Lugo, Ester Dohnalová and Seema Malhotra will all return to the show as Housewives, with Stacey Forsey, Nermina Pieters-Mekic and Christine McGuiness featuring as guests Housewives. Two new Housewives will also join the Cheshire clique: Perla Barton and Hanna Miraftab.

Latino vegan guru Perla (pictured, right), is married to self-made millionaire Jonathan. The pair, along with their children from previous relationships and their twelve year-old daughter together, live in a bespoke Wilmslow mansion where Perla tutors the Cheshire gliteratti in Yoga. Perla isn’t afraid of being brutal with the truth,  believing the best way to deliver it is with a smile on your face… but how will that go down with the other Housewives?

Hanna (pictured, left(, who describes herself as an alpha female, grew up in Bolton where she has carved a career as a successful dentist. Her fiancé Martin is part of the Cheshire elite and is a cosmetic surgeon with clinics in Hale and Palma; he also performed fellow Housewife Lauren’s thread facial lift in Series 7. The Iranian beauty prides herself on being successful, self-sufficient and isn’t impressed with women marrying for money.

It’s never quiet in Cheshire and with the two new arrivals, new relationships are formed, tensions arise and there are laughs aplenty.

Rachel is left confused when husband John suddenly reveals that he’s been taking secret yoga lessons without her knowing whilst Ester is immediately drawn to one of the new girls, jeopardising old friendships.

Putting family first, Dawn and Ashley attempt to come to terms with his parents health issues and Tanya supports her daughter as she follows in her footsteps and embarks on a modelling career.

Seema has an idea that should bring all of the girls together, but with issues in the group, could it all backfire?

Mike Swindells, Executive Producer, “Viewers may have thought that the dynamics in Cheshire were fairly established… well think again. The arrival of Perla and Hanna has caused a huge shake-up, so seemingly solid relationships and friendships are tested. It’s Cheshire like you’ve never seen it before.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire’s new season is coming soon to Arena.