RHONJ: Joe Giudice’s final deportation appeal has been denied

RHONJ: Joe Giudice’s final deportation appeal has been denied

After two previously unsuccessful attempts, Joe Giudice’s third, and most likely final, deportation appeal has been denied.

In October 2018, a judge ruled that upon the completion of his 41-month prison sentence for fraud, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star would be deported to Italy. Once released from prison, he was taken into ICE custody and taken to Italy, where he began the process of appeal.

Although it is legally his native country, Joe spent little time in Italy growing up.  He was brought to the United States as a baby but never gained American citizenship.

Photo: Instagram/joe.giudice

To make matters worse, Joe and his wife, Teresa Giudice – mother to his four daughters Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10 – separated following his departure.

Season 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey followed Teresa and Joe’s struggle with his second appeal denial in April 2019.

“I’m so drained. It seems like one bad thing after another. I feel like I’m just so numb. I feel like I can’t even believe this is happening,” Teresa says when she hears the appeal has been denied.

“I want him to come home,” she adds. “We have four daughters together. I didn’t sign up to do this alone… I’m scared.”

Photo: Instagram/joe.giudice

Joe Giudice’s attorney, James J. Leonard, spoke to People Magazine: “We have always maintained that Joe Giudice belongs in the United States with his family, not in Italy.” Apparently, despite yet another blow, Joe’s lawyer says he is feeling “very positive about life”.

“He’s in Italy doing everything he can to keep busy and stay healthy. I know he’s working on some projects that I’m sure you will hear about soon. For now, it’s a day at a time like everyone else.”

It is uncertain if the Giudice family will proceed with a fourth appeal. James J. Leonard said, “That will be discussed with Joe and his immigration counsel in the coming days.” Joe then wrote on Instagram, “My final appeal for the deportation has been turned down,” which suggests there will not be further legal action to see him return to the United States.

Speaking to The Hollywood Gossip, Joe explicitly states, “Today, according to U.S immigration, I was told I will never step foot in America again.” What he fears most is the distance from his daughters: “I won’t see my girls’ glowing smiles, that I loved waking up with every morning, now,” Joe said.

“My heart is aching. My limbs feel weak.”