Real Estate Wars

Arena’s new docu-series, Real Estate Wars, premiering Friday, October 27th, brings the cut-throat world of real estate in Orange County to life. With limited inventory in a premium area, this series follows two top rival real estate teams, The McMonigle Team and Relegance Group, as they fight for supremacy in this distinct and wealthy enclave.

It’s a small world, and when they vie for the same high-end clients, limited listings and large commissions, the competition can be ruthless. With 10 agents, eccentric clients, multi-million-dollar deals, old vendettas, and one common goal of winning, all is fair in real estate and war.

Team McMonigle is: John McMonigleDrew D’AngeloHunter FeddenLeo Goldschwartz, and Hoda Hajirnia. They’re up against Team Relegance: Jojo RomeoSpyro KembleKylie McColloughEliisa Stowell and Kacey Taormina.

Season 1
Date & time
8: Moving On
8: Moving On
Fri 15 December·11:40pm
Sat 16 December·5:15am