Who is Kyla Kirkpatrick?

During the recent Real Housewives of Melbourne season 5 cast announcement, we sat down for a quick interview with the Champagne Dame herself, Kyla Kirkpatrick.

After taming her red and blue tasseled dress with a hairbrush, she revealed what she fears most about becoming a Housewife and how she became the queen of the Australian bubbly business.

How did Kyla Kirkpatrick start working in champagne?

Her interest in champagne originally grew out of a fascination with the past. She poured over history and theology books for a connection with some larger and ancient. “Despite being an atheist and growing up in a staunchly atheist family I, for a long time, would read the bible,” she said.

Ultimately, it was 19th century European history that led Kyla to her life’s work. “I read a story on Napoleon Bonaparte that just piqued my interest and I became very interested in champagne’s history, the links with nobility.”

Kyla wrote to the author of her favourite book on Champagne, expressing her passion on the subject. He wrote back saying that if she travelled to Paris to meet him face-to-face, he would teach her everything he knew.

She said: “That was one of those crazy sliding doors moments in life where I decided to give it all up and start again. And, while I was living in Paris for that first year, I was recruited by LVMH.

“Word had spread that this young Australian girl was kicking around the vineyards of champagne.” As Kyla’s French is not very strong, but she speaks fluent Mandarin, LVMH created a role for her in Sydney. She worked there for eight years before returning to Melbourne to go it on her own.

Kyla already has the grande moniker the Champagne Dame, and she considers herself to be “first and foremost, a businesswoman.” But now, Kyla has a new title to add to her business card: Real Housewife of Melbourne.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne

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3: New Kids On The Block
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