The Real Housewives of Sydney News

Introducing Kevlar Couture

There is only one thing that the Real Housewives of Sydney have ever agreed on, and that’s the fact that they’ve got to watch their backs when they’re around each other. Luckily, they now have access to high fashion designed exclusively for them, with one very unique feature – it’s made from backstab proof fabric…Read more

The Real Housewives of Sydney Reunion – Here’s what you can expect

The Real Housewives of Sydney Season 1 has wrapped up and yet so many questions are left unanswered, so many arguments left unresolved and it’s highly likely the ladies still have a lot to say to each other! So what’s next? Well the reunion of course! The Real Housewives of Sydney Reunion Special will premiere on Sunday May 14 at…Read more

Episode 11 Blog by Athena X Levendi

Visiting Kathryn Hand the hypnotherapist was my last resort in getting some answers to why the relationship with the other ladies was somewhat stuck. I know a lot of you out there probably don’t believe or understand how past life can relate to today’s life, but for me it’s something I’ve explored before; and I…Read more

Episode 11 Recap

It took until episode 11 of RHOS, but we finally found out why Nicole and Athena don’t get along. Athena’s regression therapy revealed that back in 1793, when Athena was a man called Yakavos, Nicole (his best friend) lied and betrayed Yakavos and stole his wife, Katia. No wonder Athena thinks Nicole’s a painsack! Why does…Read more

Episode 10 Recap

If creative insults are your thing, then episode 10 of RHOS was a cracker! Athena led the charge with a swipe at Victoria that seemed to begin life as a compliment. “The first time I saw her I actually thought she was a retired tennis player,” Athena said to husband, Panos. Toned or agile, we were…Read more