Meet the movers and shakers of Southern Charm New Orleans

Southern Charm New Orleans will introduce us to a whole new crew of young Louisiana socialites who always bring the glitz, glamour, and good times.

But don’t let the fabulous lives of these squads fool you; they also have their secrets, which you know is going to make for a drama-filled season. Still, friendship and family are always at the heart of Southern Charm New Orleans, as well as the resilient spirit of this crew and this city.


A New Orleans native, Barry Smith currently resides in the city with his wife Tamica and their two children.

Barry grew up playing sports and once his athletic career ended, he turned his passion for fitness into a business and opened his own company, FUEL Center of Fitness. The exclusive fitness club is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their desired performance goals.

Barry is determined to take his company to the next level and continue the grind of being a successful business owner.


Tamica Lee is an ambitious go-getter raised in New Orleans and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

From being the face of New Orleans’ local entertainment news to juggling her jam-packed social calendar, Tamica is always on the go and likes things that way. A wife and mother of two, Tamica’s family is a top priority but she loves thriving as a socialite and business woman too.

Tamica is outrageous, unapologetic, and completely unafraid to speak her mind. From making public appearances to hosting events and working for her brother’s charity organization, she is somehow still managing to find time for ladies’ lunches and rest.


Jeff Charleston grew up in Oregon, and after playing college football at Idaho State University, played his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts.

He ended his pro-football career as a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints with a Super Bowl title under his belt.

Jeff currently resides with his wife Reagan in New Orleans, and is doing his best to navigate life post-football – but can’t shake the feeling that something is stopping him from moving forward.


Reagan Charleston has deep roots in New Orleans. Her family owned the world famous Coghlan Art Gallery in the French Quarter and her ancestors are featured prominently in the city’s cultural history. They are even credited with the creation of the renowned cocktail, the Sazerac, the official drink of Louisiana.

Currently attending law school and interning at a prestigious firm in the city, Reagan balances studying diligently and flexing her entrepreneurial muscle with building out her artistic jewelry and accessories line.

Although her dreams to have it all seem within reach, the pressures of school, career, marriage, and family life are beginning to weigh on her.


Jon Moody is a well-versed athlete known for his innovative portraits and incredible taste. Through artistic expression, Jon aims to bring awareness to social, economic and worldly issues.

Jon’s work has been featured in the White House and many celebrities also commission his well sought-after pieces. His popularity increased even further after his artwork was chosen to appear on the sets of hit shows Empire and Star.

Jon comes from a family of overachievers and is always striving to be a positive influence to others. Laser-focused on his rising career, Jon won’t let anything slow him down, especially drama.

Justin Reese

Justin Reese is a personal injury lawyer and sports agent living in New Orleans.

The son of a prestigious judge and civic activist Dottie Reese, Justin’s family is well established in this city he calls home.

Stylish and social, Justin is determined to not only work hard, but to also enjoy all life has to offer. Justin is actively working to rebuild his childhood home that was impacted during Hurricane Katrina.

Arena’s new series Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Tuesday, April 17 at 9.30pm – 1 day after the US.