Episode 11 Blog By Gina

Catching up with Venus and Lydia after Sophia’s Birthday party left us with a lot to talk about. I’ve known Sophia since she was born so was really looking forward to being part of her Birthday celebrations. Venus had gone to a lot of effort to make her day fun. Lydia and I put thought…Read more

Episode 11 Blog By Janet

The issue between Gina and I came up when she backed up Lydia’s story that I had said things about Jackie behind Jackie’s back at the infamous lunch we had. Firstly, there were 5 of us at that lunch. I had my sister and a girlfriend Yvette there. Lydia and Gina say they were so mortified…Read more

Episode 10 blog by Gamble

Together We Stand, Divided We Brawl The girls have split into two groups. Gina, Lydia and Venus v Janet, Jackie, Sally and me. Janet and I like to call the divide:  The light and the dark side. This has nothing to do with the excessive use of self-tan by the dark side. The definition to us is the…Read more

Episode 9 Blog By Lydia

It was good to catch up with Gina after Mexico and to hear how our little boys, Noodles and Figaro handled themselves while we were away.    They are SO important! It took some time and countless conversations for both Gina and myself to wrap our minds around the numerous arguments that occurred throughout the trip.  Honestly, it was boring. There…Read more

Episode 9 Blog By Jackie

Hi lovers! By now, many of you may know that I’m out of Melbourne and in THE JUNGLE!!! #ImACelebrityAU #CelebJackie . How the hell will I cope? Did you see how I reacted to the deep-fried crickets & Margarita the lizard while I was in Mexico? ???????????? Mexico was a joy! We most certainly lived it…Read more