The Real Housewives of Melbourne Recaps

If this is what carbs do to people, I’m giving them up for good – Episode 11 Recap

You spin me right round “She’s dying in the ass over here – LITERALLY!” cackles Jackie, who has dragged Sally to her first ever spin class, which is apparently some kind of exercise bike-induced torture where everyone wears Lorna Jane and sweats in a pretty way that you will never be able to achieve. “No…Read more

Gina Liano has left the building – Episode 10 Recap

Talk is cheap We open this week at the picturesque NGV, where Lydia and Venus are catching up for a day drink. Venus has the goss from Gamble’s séance last week: “I found out, that Sam and Janet had broken up at a stage!” she reveals, totally unaware that this is all ancient history to…Read more

It’s Showtime! – Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

The cusp of an asshole The episode opens back on Australian soil, as Gina and Lydia lament the chilly Melbourne weather they’ve returned from Mexico to. “As long as I know it happened, it doesn’t matter” says Gina, in reference to her allegation that Sally called her a ‘wog bitch’. “Bella, I heard it,” reassures…Read more

High Seas, High Tension – Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

High Seas The ladies are heading out to sea on a catamaran, for a day of exploring the Cabo coastline. Despite declaring that she was “Never. Drinking. Again. Ever. Ever. Everrrrrr,” all of five seconds ago, Janet happily sips on vodka cranberry while tequila is doled out to everyone else. At this stage, all the…Read more

Never. Drinking. Again – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The Housewives jet off this week for their seasonal cast trip – to Mexico! It’s all of your favourite Real Housewives drama that you love, but with a language barrier, jet lag, and Camilla kaftans thrown in the mix. Grab a drink, get comfy, and buckle in. “You know, we are in South America.” “No,…Read more