RHOS Blogs

Episode 11 Blog by Athena X Levendi

Visiting Kathryn Hand the hypnotherapist was my last resort in getting some answers to why the relationship with the other ladies was somewhat stuck. I know a lot of you out there probably don’t believe or understand how past life can relate to today’s life, but for me it’s something I’ve explored before; and I…Read more

Episode 10 Blog by Matty Samei

Well this week was definitely exciting for me as I finally had the opportunity to introduce my new brand Forever Young by Matty to my closest friends and family. After working in the cosmetic and beauty industry for over 20 years, I’ve always had a passion for beauty and a keen interest in accumulating knowledge to…Read more

Episode 9 Blog by Lisa Oldfield

Ah Singapore, not a place that holds great memories for my family. In 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese Imperial Army and my Great Uncle Harry was captured, tortured and abused by a bunch of barbarians. Some 75 years later, I feel like history is repeating itself…. After falling ill and being confined to quarters (and…Read more

Episode 9 Blog by Krissy Marsh

What a wonderful opportunity to be in Singapore bonding with Athena X and Nicole – Marina Bay Sands is an incredible spot and I’ll never forget how breath-taking it was to wake at 5.30am to watch the sunrise…rooftop pool, laughs, views of Singapore, what more could you ask for?  Only the rebirthing of Athena X…Read more

Episode 8 Blog by Victoria Rees

I am invited to Polo In The City every year. This year I was asked to judge fashions on the field with my stylist Michael Azzolini, Kate and Tom Waterhouse and the gorgeous Natalie Decorte, who is married to the very handsome polo player Janek Gazecki. I thought lets invite a couple of the girls…Read more