RHOS Episode Recaps

Get all the goss from each episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney by reading reaps of each episode. Check back here after each episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Episode 11 Recap

It took until episode 11 of RHOS, but we finally found out why Nicole and Athena don’t get along. Athena’s regression therapy revealed that back in 1793, when Athena was a man called Yakavos, Nicole (his best friend) lied and betrayed Yakavos and stole his wife, Katia. No wonder Athena thinks Nicole’s a painsack! Why does…Read more

Episode 10 Recap

If creative insults are your thing, then episode 10 of RHOS was a cracker! Athena led the charge with a swipe at Victoria that seemed to begin life as a compliment. “The first time I saw her I actually thought she was a retired tennis player,” Athena said to husband, Panos. Toned or agile, we were…Read more

Episode 9 Recap

Hallelujah Athena is reborn! All it took was a quick dunk in a rooftop pool in Singapore, and Krissy swears she saw a dark spirit leave Athena. That left us with a sweet, good-natured Housewife who spread nothing but love in episode nine of RHOS. For about 10 minutes. Athena and Lisa was a weird BFF…Read more

Episode 8 Recap

Kaboom! We’re officially in shock as episode eight of RHOS finished with a violent Singapore sling of both wine and napkins. Yes, the bumpy flight that’s been Athena and Victoria’s relationship finally crashed into the mountain. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s begin by tracing the overseas aggro back to a couple of key…Read more

Episode 7 Recap

Awkward! That’s the word that summed up episode seven as Victoria sensationally banned Lisa and Athena from her charity event ­– but still accepted a diamond pendant from Athena for the auction. #awks1 Did Victoria believe that excluding the pair would mean there would be no trouble at the event? Ha! One woman caused such…Read more