Vanderpump Birthday Bonanza

Vanderpump Birthday Bonanza

NEW YORK – December 19, 2016 – What’s better than a big-time birthday bash? Two of them in one unforgettable episode! From Montauk to Sonoma, we are hosting a special two-hour “Vanderpump Rules” celebration on  Monday January 10th at 2:00pm.

Stassi’s birthday has never been less than monumental, and this year is no exception. Newly single Stassi grabs her girls—Kristen, Scheana and Katie—and heads east for an epic birthday trip to luxurious Montauk, where her friends Ashley and Lauren Wirkus have rented a bangin’ summer house with some of their friends. Stassi’s squad meets up with Ashley and Lauren’s stylish New York gang, including couple Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston, Cristina Gibson, Jaclyn Shuman, and Stephen McGee for a first-class East Coast summer experience complete with beachfront thrills and chills, rosé parties, and lavish clambakes in the ultimate exclusive summertime playground.

Katie is determined to get Stassi back out in the dating game and put her recent breakup behind her forever—and that mission shouldn’t be too impossible, thanks to the beach house’s resident lineup of very available guys like Kyle Cooke and Carle Radke both of whom are also featured in Arena’s newest series, “Summer House,” which premieres January 17th at 9:30pm.


Meanwhile, a birthday blowout of an entirely different sort revs up on the West Coast as Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Jax, and Jax’s girlfriend, Brittany, rent an RV and burn rubber to Sonoma for a NASCAR race to celebrate Ariana’s big day. In the packed RV’s close quarters, though, the rowdy road-trippers find themselves getting to know one another a bit more than they bargained for—and it doesn’t help that Jax keeps shifting his and Brittany’s minor tiffs into overdrive. Will their relationship survive this bumpy ride? Fasten your seatbelts and find out in January!