You can’t sit with us – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap


Well your favourite ladies are back with a bang and last night’s Season 4 premiere ticked all the boxes and more! Gina, Gamble, Jackie, Janet and Lydia are back with two new friends (or foes – that is yet to be determined) thrown into the mix in the addition of Venus and Sally. So, let’s unpack some of our favourite moments of Episode 1, ‘Venus Rising’.

Every Queen needs a confidant

Gina and Lydia’s friendship has come full circle, with the two women growing closer since the death of Gina’s father. “Lydia has been such an amazing support in the last twelve months. She was there with undivided attention when my Father passed away. I don’t even know where she came from – she was like an angel!” While Gina is grateful for Lydia’s support throughout such a difficult time in her life, it seems the same can’t be said of the other girls, and her disappointment particularly with Gamble, is clear.

Tooth Gate

The ladies attend the TV Week Logie Awards where Gina and Gamble see each other for the first time in a while. The once close friends manage to put their differences aside when Gamble has an accident on the red carpet. “…I stopped the interview I was in and I looked around and was like OMG what has gone on and then I realised that Gamble had had her teeth broken and I was very upset for Gamble. I do still have a level of compassion for her and it’s just an awful traumatic thing to happen.”

Janet’s recap of #ToothGate:

Venus Rising

“I wouldn’t say I live like royalty… I think I live a better lifestyle than royalty!” Move over Kate and Wills, and enter Lady Venus Behbahani-Clark! A dear friend of Gina’s for over 7 years, Venus has been a solicitor for the past 10 years, speaks three languages, is married to a Lord (legit!), is launching a cosmetics empire and describes herself as the one with “looks and brains!’. We can’t wait to see how this Goddess reigns!

You can’t sit with us!

Gina invites all the girls, except Gamble to dinner for a catch up – including her friend and fellow lawyer, Venus. “I didn’t ask Gamble to come – I actually feel a little bit bad cause she was actually like a little wounded bird.” It’s not long before Jackie questions Gamble’s obvious absence “So you’ve replaced the seat of Gamble with Venus?!” God love you Jackie!

Dinner Table Drama #387

Lydia confronts Jackie about their issues. “I find it really interesting how you and Gamble are having an issue and we have an issue and yet your giving Gamble and Gina advise and yet I’m listening to you thinking, that’s really interesting Jackie!” And if dinner wasn’t already dramatic enough, Gina is shocked when a mysterious gift arrives to the table from Mrs Wolfe. “Dear Gina, I would never have excluded you from my table. Have a great night. Love to the Girls. Gamble Xo” And so it begins!

Watch the episode 1 video recap: